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We Love to Grow Tech Startups and Scale Up!

Crosspring has strategically combined over 15 years of business-knowledge, a worldwide network of partners and early-stage investments to assist innovative entrepreneurs in every stage of the startup lifecycle: from idea to international growth.

We Help Your Business Grow.

We are part of projects that help us explore, contact and connect with other startup ecosystems around the world. In that way our projects contribute to the Crosspring brand and help us to grow our business and the Dutch startup ecosystem.


Besides being an incubator, we also invest in startups. We always take an interest in the company in exchange for our investment.
Send us your pitch deck if you would like to see if we can become partners in business!


Our startup incubator is located in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. We focus on startup in the field of AI, AR, VR, Cybersecurity, B2B SaaS and FinTech.
Due to the experience in the startup scene, we know how to support startups from idea to business and from business to international expansion.

Global Projects.

Would you like to explore other startup ecosystems? Crosspring is connected with global projects that are specially designed to experience other ecosystems abroad. We are part of ‘Partners in Business India’ (PIB) and the Soft-Landing Project of the European Union.

Education in entrepreneurship.

We love to inspire young adults and students with an entrepreneurial mindset. Therefore we are connected with universities, schools and entrepreneurial networks who we educate on what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the startup scene.